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Folklore Surviver

When my Dad tells me about his Dad, he never misses out one detail. Whenever it got icy in their post-war London neighbourhood he would always put a sack of coke in the boot of his car.

Once we originally got a small misunderstanding out of the way (which says more about the culture I grew up in than the one he did) he told me that as a young man the ritual of his dad loading the car with flammable material perplexed him, but he never dared to question the old man. Eventually this odd behaviour drifted into the realm of childhood memory as my own Dad grew into a young man and began to learn to drive himself.

But on an icy road one night he came completely unstuck on he road, crashing heavily into the side embankment and totalling the car. It suddenly came rushing back to him, and was reinforced when his Dad said ’Well, you should maybe have put something heavy in the boot’.

This (slightly embellished) story is a lesson to us all, and is really quite simple when you think about it. More weight in the boot equals more traction on the road. Naturally, too much weight in the boot and your petrol use, and therefore expenditure, will rise considerably but something like a sack of potatoes would be perfect and cheap to purchase. Much cheaper than getting your car fixed after a smash anyway.

Just don’t go asking people where to get a sack of coke on Facebook (‘who’ll give me a sack of coke for my car? lol‘) Policemen may just make the same assumptions I did at first.

Happy driving!

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