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Disaster Archive: Pointe Coupee 1912

Carol Ann Blitzer for The Advocate.com

 — One hundred years ago, the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, was the leading news story on two continents. Americans and Europeans hung onto every report of the lifeboats, the survivors, the widows, the babies, the heroes.

The Titanic held onto the headlines until a natural disaster in the far northeastern corner of Pointe Coupee Parish grabbed them in America, when, on May 1, the swollen Mississippi River tore through a weakened levee at the tiny community of Torras.

The event, known as the Torras Crevasse, was “the greatest and deadliest natural disaster in Pointe Coupee and regional history,” said Brian Costello, historian and archivist for the Historical Materials Collection of the Pointe Coupee Parish Library. “It was a defining moment in our history.”

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Washed away: Pointe Coupee 1912 | People | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA.


Learning Survival Skills Should Involve Negotiation.

Brought to you by the San Francisco Chronicle (SFGate)

Learning survival skills is the only way to prepare oneself for the natural or man-made disasters plaguing the globe. Massive hurricanes or tsunamis, violent terrorist attacks, and economic meltdowns are real everyday threats to our society, today’s Absolute Rights.com article said. It’s no longer a matter of if. Instead, people are wondering when these catastrophes will happen.

That’s why Absolute Rights published “Bartering with Desperate People: Bartering and Negotiating in Post-Disaster Survival Situations,” its newest Special Report. The e-book explains how negotiating skills can help buy back livelihood after a crisis strikes.

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Emergency Communication Tips for Natural Disasters

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AT&T recognized by the department of homeland security offer these tips to help communicate after a storm. Program emergency numbers like the local police department ,fire station, and hospital into your phone.

Designate someone out of the area as a central contact so that all family members know who to contact if they become separated. Also keep your wireless phone dry water is the biggest threat during a tornado or hurricane, so keep your equipment safe with some type of waterproof protective covering.

Follow the below link for more communication tips.

Emergency Communication Tips for Natural Disasters.

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