Organisations / Websites

UK – UK The new home of ukPreppers. The front page has little information besides the introduction, but the forum is friendly and welcoming – – Registration Necessary

UK – The P2S Community:  “Bringing Preppers and Survivalists Together”. This site has some fantastic downloads and a well constructed and very extensive forum board, a lot of which is viewable without registration.

UK – Survival UK:  A wealth of information on Prepping with a UK bias. Great site for a newcomer to the community, with down to earth writing and well researched ‘To Do’ lists.

US – In Case of Emergency, Read Blog.  The author of this simple-format blog unfortunately died at the end of 2004 but his family and friends have kept the site open. It hasn’t been added to since his passing but has archives of articles dating right back to 2008.

US – Modern Survival Online. An up-to-the-minute blog from the states with some excellent opinions and gear reviews and a stack of downloads.

US RADIO – Prepper Logic.  Not really a site in itself but a link base to the Prepper Broadcasting Network (found here)and a good way to see what they have featured on their show before digging around on the site.

US – TEOTWAWKI Blog (The End Of The World As We Know It). This popular blog has good kit/food reviews and also looks at other aspects of the Prepper culture such as an obsession with Zombie Holocaust survival.

UK – Self Sufficiency. Awesome link base for articles on preparing for self sufficiency, growing your own food and then cooking it into delicious recipes. Not exactly an end-of-the-world blog but just brilliant nevertheless.

US – Suburban Prepper. Another long standing blog looking specifically at the suburban environment.

US – Zombie Squad. A Prepper/Survivalist site with a tongue in cheek bias towards preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Very informative and very geared towards meeting others and doing good in the community.

US – Survival Training Online. Book reviews, firearms reviews and advice. Also access to the Survival Training Online Radio Show.   

US – Today’s Survival Show. Access to podcasts from Austin, Texas. Lots of guests, tips and categories to browse through and a well put together show.

US – Tactical Intelligence. Great source of How-To guides and equipment reviews. They also have an impressive array of sponsors, which is a good sign that manufacturers trust them.

US – Survival Common Sense An excellent collection of articles on disaster survival, presented in a no nonsense and practical way.

US – Survival Kit Club. A brand new website devoted to giving the best information about survival kits and Bug Out Bags available anywhere. We’re sure they’re going to be a great resource once there archives fill out a bit.

Please note that Worst Case Scenario: Disaster Survival UK can not be held responsible for the information found on external websites. Neither can we be held responsible for comments from users on other sites or in public forums. Use a little personal discretion and responsibility, that’s what prepping is about after all. Stay safe online. Peace.


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