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Prepper speaks against stigma that all survivalists are nuts – Seattle News –

By Jamie Griswold for My Northwest .com

“For me, I feel like being prepared for a natural disaster primarily is just being responsible,” said Jason Pedwell, a manager in a legal services company from Sammamish, who admits he falls under the title “prepper,” but said he doesn’t often advertise it.”

“I think if there’s any place in the world that was well prepared, even perhaps more prepared than we are here (the US – Ed), it’s Japan. They have a strong infrastructure, and this place, they had cities wiped off the map. Seventeen- thousand people died, a million and a half people were displaced for months without food and water. Fortunately, the world sort of rallied together and supported that effort,” said Pedwell.

For the whole article, follow the link.

Prepper speaks against stigma that all survivalists are nuts – Seattle News –


‘Homegrown Revolution’ Trailer

Brought to us by the Dervaes family, whose You Tube channel is here.


Disaster Archive: Pointe Coupee 1912

Carol Ann Blitzer for The

 — One hundred years ago, the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, was the leading news story on two continents. Americans and Europeans hung onto every report of the lifeboats, the survivors, the widows, the babies, the heroes.

The Titanic held onto the headlines until a natural disaster in the far northeastern corner of Pointe Coupee Parish grabbed them in America, when, on May 1, the swollen Mississippi River tore through a weakened levee at the tiny community of Torras.

The event, known as the Torras Crevasse, was “the greatest and deadliest natural disaster in Pointe Coupee and regional history,” said Brian Costello, historian and archivist for the Historical Materials Collection of the Pointe Coupee Parish Library. “It was a defining moment in our history.”

For the full article follow the link.

Washed away: Pointe Coupee 1912 | People | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA.

FEMA Uses Waffle House Menus to Gauge Disaster Severity.

No really, this is actually happening. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has revealed their new method of gauging the severity of localised natural disasters. And boy howdy is it a good ‘un.

In what was possibly a ‘three-in-the-morning decision’ (if you know what I mean), FEMA has stated that in the event of an emergency their first action is to contact a Waffle House in the affected area and ask what’s available on the menu. If the full range of waffles and accoutrements is available, then the emergency index is graded as Green. If only some of the menu is up for grabs, the index is Yellow. If the restaurant is shut, God help us all.

But, ridiculous as it might sound, the plan does have its merits. Local law enforcement is always over-burdened after a natural disaster of any size so could do without FEMA clogging up their phone lines as well. Also, America being the size it is there are a large number of local emergencies in any given week. FEMA (although I’m sure they would like to be) is not big enough to have a presence in every small town and settlement. Waffle Houses however, are nearly everywhere – they have roughly 1,600 open at any one time – and if they aren’t then something similar is.

Restaurants are open for one purpose. They want people through the door and buying their food. Something has to go very wrong for a restaurant, particularly a fast food restaurant, to reduce their menu or stay closed. With the amount of competition around for people’s cash, it would take a truly large scale, red index, disaster to keep them from doing business.

So, the plan is a bit ‘off the wall’ but actually makes sense. FEMA has been routinely lambasted for their lack of ability and general attitude (bad). Maybe this will serve to bolster their reputation a little.

I only wish I was in the meeting when the idea was pitched.

Housing solution for the next natural disaster? House in a box, maybe?

Brought to you by the Washington Post.

NEW ORLEANS — In one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by flooding in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, developers have built a prototype house that’s aimed at providing a quick housing solution for areas blown away by hurricanes and tornadoes or knocked down by earthquakes.

For more (and images) follow the link.

Housing solution for the next natural disaster? House in a box, maybe – The Washington Post.

Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part One

Presented by The Real Truth . Org

David. C. Pack explores the possible reasons for the explosion in extreme weather worldwide and especially the increased rate of them in recent years.

The Real Truth is a faith-based website and puts a Christian twist on the answers they find. That’s no reason to ignore what they say however. All opinions are valid when we are looking at TEOTWAWKI (glossary).

Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part One.

Learning Survival Skills Should Involve Negotiation.

Brought to you by the San Francisco Chronicle (SFGate)

Learning survival skills is the only way to prepare oneself for the natural or man-made disasters plaguing the globe. Massive hurricanes or tsunamis, violent terrorist attacks, and economic meltdowns are real everyday threats to our society, today’s Absolute article said. It’s no longer a matter of if. Instead, people are wondering when these catastrophes will happen.

That’s why Absolute Rights published “Bartering with Desperate People: Bartering and Negotiating in Post-Disaster Survival Situations,” its newest Special Report. The e-book explains how negotiating skills can help buy back livelihood after a crisis strikes.

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