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Farage: We Face the Prospect of Mass Civil Unrest, Even Revolution in Europe.



BBC: UK ‘must plan for Euro collapse’.

A joint committee consisting of MP’s and Peers, the National Security Strategy -NSS – has released a report to Parliament stating that a partial or full collapse of the single European currency was ‘plausible’. A little non-committal you might think, but they are politicians after all. Claiming that anything is 100% is anathema to them.

In the event of the collapse of the single economy, of which England is not a part remember, it is expected that economic migration and social unrest will rise. This will leave the UK ‘unable to defend itself’ as the economic crisis would force cuts in defence budgets for our already overstretched and nearly crippled military.

The NSS praised the fact that the report was published alongside the Strategic Defence and Security Review, but criticised the lack of an overall plan. The SDSR, according to former Foreign Secretary and the committee chairman Margaret Beckett, is not realistic, does not tackle the big questions and does not guide the choices available.


The report also brought up the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and United States, or more accurately, the weakening relationship between the two. The US is going through remarkable political changes at the moment and is increasingly taking it’s eye off of the UK and Europe as a whole. In a future where we face an economic crisis, the report claimed that the UK would need to adopt a more ‘partnership-dependant’ role in world affairs.

What that means is probably the centralisation of power in Europe into a central European Government out of Brussels. (Seven)

A government spokesman stated that ministers remained vigilant and were aware of “the changing global environment” and threats to the UK’s security.

“A strategy for Britain’s long term security and prosperity is at the heart of the government’s approach to foreign policy”.


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