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How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs | The Art of Manliness

A re-post from The Art of who in turn posted it as a guest (sponsored) post by Creek Stewart representing Dockers. Credit where credit’s due.

“Whether in a boat, on a plane, travelling through Africa, taking a road trip or Backpacking the Rockies, our cell phone has become a regular piece of Every Day Carry (EDC). I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will probably have our cell phone with us if ever faced with a tragic survival situation. It’s also not hard to imagine that it might not be working. Regardless of the reason, a broken or busted cell phone is STILL an amazing collection of pieces and parts that, with a little insight and creativity, can be used to help meet a surprising number of basic survival needs. How do I know this? I busted open a handful of cell phones to find out.” Creek Stewart.

For the full article and more from Art of Manliness follow the link below the image.

How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs | The Art of Manliness.


Survival Origami: Aluminium Foil Water Cup

A wonderful little video from Survival Common – one of my absolute favourite Prepper sites.

The Catapult as a Hunting Tool | Dryad Bushcraft

Brought to us by Dryad

“In the minds of many people a catapult is nothing more than a child’s toy, or one of the weapons used by the “Beano’s” Dennis the Menace to terrorise the softies (For those of us old enough to remember). Few people these days would ever consider using a catapult for hunting, but not too many years ago catapults were the tool of choice for poachers and anyone else who wanted to “discreetly” hunt small game animals and birds for food.”

The Catapult as a Hunting Tool | Bushcraft How to’ s | Dryad Bushcraft.

FEMA Uses Waffle House Menus to Gauge Disaster Severity.

No really, this is actually happening. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has revealed their new method of gauging the severity of localised natural disasters. And boy howdy is it a good ‘un.

In what was possibly a ‘three-in-the-morning decision’ (if you know what I mean), FEMA has stated that in the event of an emergency their first action is to contact a Waffle House in the affected area and ask what’s available on the menu. If the full range of waffles and accoutrements is available, then the emergency index is graded as Green. If only some of the menu is up for grabs, the index is Yellow. If the restaurant is shut, God help us all.

But, ridiculous as it might sound, the plan does have its merits. Local law enforcement is always over-burdened after a natural disaster of any size so could do without FEMA clogging up their phone lines as well. Also, America being the size it is there are a large number of local emergencies in any given week. FEMA (although I’m sure they would like to be) is not big enough to have a presence in every small town and settlement. Waffle Houses however, are nearly everywhere – they have roughly 1,600 open at any one time – and if they aren’t then something similar is.

Restaurants are open for one purpose. They want people through the door and buying their food. Something has to go very wrong for a restaurant, particularly a fast food restaurant, to reduce their menu or stay closed. With the amount of competition around for people’s cash, it would take a truly large scale, red index, disaster to keep them from doing business.

So, the plan is a bit ‘off the wall’ but actually makes sense. FEMA has been routinely lambasted for their lack of ability and general attitude (bad). Maybe this will serve to bolster their reputation a little.

I only wish I was in the meeting when the idea was pitched.

Homesteading Guide: How to Make a Rain Barrel

Presented by “The New Me” blog, a well presented and very simple guide to making your own rain barrels.

Homesteading is going to be a big part of the Disaster Survival UK blog and there will be plenty more of these to come. Follow the link below to check out this brilliant DIY guide.

The New Me: How to Make a Rain Barrel.

Italian Students Develop Earthquake-Proof School Desk.

Jonathan Fincher for

Anyone who has been through earthquake drills in school knows the standard defense against falling debris is for students to crawl under their desks. Unfortunately, while this might block a few pieces of stray drywall and glass, a wooden desk isn’t going to withstand the crushing weight from large chunks of concrete or steel. In fact, people hiding under their desks could very likely become trapped with no way out. That’s why two designers have developed an “earthquake-proof” desk that can absorb the impact of up to a ton of weight and even provide emergency routes for rescue crews to reach trapped students.

The two students submitted the design for the end of year Design Extravaganza in Milan after submitting it to tests including dropping 1 Tonne blocks of steel and concrete onto the tables from above. In every case the table top was destroyed, but the structure of the table remained intact, potentially protecting anybody sheltering underneath. When arranged in rows, as they would be in classrooms, the tables create ‘tunnels’ for either escape or easy access for the Emergency Services.

The design works by integrating ‘crumple zones’ into the structure of the tables, visible in the above picture as the red posts at the top of the table legs. This distributes the force of falling debris to the ends of the table, traditionally the strongest part as the legs are just underneath.

The students; Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno are currently awaiting a patent and an approval by the Padua University before they can begin shipping their innovation to the world’s disaster zones.

For the full article and a full image gallery, visit the link below.

Earthquake proof school desk provides cover for natural disasters.

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