What is Worst Case Scenario: Disaster Survival UK?

Simple answer: Worst Case Scenario is the name of the project/company that intends to spread tips, knowledge and skills about surviving the worst that life can throw at you and your loved ones.

Disaster survival is 90% you and 10% your equipment. There is no substitute for human ingenuity when it comes to a crisis, but as anyone will tell you: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. You might be a survival genius, capable of thriving in all situations, but without the right kit to back you up you could find yourself quite literally ‘up the creek’.


            Survival is about expecting to have to face a crisis and preparing accordingly. By no means should you live day to day with the constant fear of danger, paranoia achieves nothing but ruining your state of health, but instead recognise that risk is inherent in the world and taking steps to both minimise and alleviate the associated stress.


            Worst Case Scenario: Disaster Survival UK is not here to spread fear. We are not apocalyptic prophets, psychics or doomsayers. WCS:UKintends to empower people, to make them feel strong and happy; safe in the knowledge that life can take a swipe at them and they and their families are ready to stand tall in the face of adversity. We do this by providing a range of products and services through our website and by blogging about the huge variety of things that you can do immediately or learn to prepare yourself for any hardship in the future. You do not have to be living in fear of Armageddon to realise that a certain level of preparation is not only good sense, but could quite realistically preserve the health and well being of yourself and your family in a large scale emergency.

Bear in mind that the advice given on this site is either gathered from reputable sources such as books by accredited writers and experts or collected by word of mouth from family, friends, police officers, military personnel and members of the public. Where possible, everything recommended on this site has been researched and experimented with by staff of Worst Case Scenario. Remember, in an actual crisis the tips and advice given on this site will only give you the best possible chance of survival. You have to put in some effort and preparation as well. God moves in mysterious ways, and nobody can guarantee your safety in an emergency. Put to good use and with a certain amount of common sense, the advice given here will put you right ahead of the pack when ’the ship goes down’.


About sevenjames

Seven James is an occasional writer and full time foppish wit. You can follow him on Twitter, but he advises against it, and he recently opened a Facebook account as well. Most days you can find him in Glasgow City Centre drinking coffee somewhere and trying hard not to get caught staring at people.

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